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The Artist


 I have been creating art since childhood, but took a long hiatus from it. In 2017, a move to Seattle spurred a change within me and was able to awaken my artistic heart. The change resulted in my desire to create again. Everything in terms of artistic expression has come full circle.


I enjoy letting myself go in my art work. I don't limit myself to a specific subject matter. I paint and draw whatever touches my heart and expresses my feelings and thoughts. My wish is that the viewer connects in some visceral way.


M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery - Seattle, WA - May 2019

Amarillo Museum of Art - Amarillo, TX - September 2019

Gallery 110 - Seattle, WA - December 2019

Corona Portrait Project - Online - July 2020

Amarillo Museum of Art- Amarillo, TX - March 2022

The Daedalian (Texas Woman's University)- 2021 - 2022

Amarillo Museum of Art- Amarillo, TX- March 2023

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